Okay, here is my POV on FISA

To all of those hyperventilating over the new Obama position on FISA I say, "take a deep breath, my brother".

Hold it.

Hold it.

Now exhale, slowly.

Let me make a proposition: we all care so deeply about fighting against telecom immunity as it seemed like that was our last chance to get some justice in what is perhaps the biggest crime in our nation's history. And that is not an overstatement: when the one individual who has been granted executive authority in our nation and is tasked with upholding and defending our Constitution willfully chooses to abridge said Constitution well, there can be no greater crime.

I am with you.

But seriously, isn't a civil suit against AT&T rather weak compared to a criminal prosecution? That's like arresting the hooker and letting the pimp walk (oh, wait - that is what we do). That's like arresting the drug user and letting the dealer walk (oh, wait - that is what we do). Forget metaphors, what I mean to say is: don't you really want to see these perps shackled and frog-marched to the penitentiary?

I do, but it could be just me.

In the end though, I still have hope. I have hope that a Constitutional Law Professor (and no, not that John Yoo mofo; how in the H-E-double hockey-sticks does Stanford University justify placing that nincompoop on their staff? In a teaching position, no less!) will at a minimum constitute a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, to give these citizens (making a huge assumption on my part that they still see themselves as citizens and not as members of some sort of Star Chamber empaneled to rule over the rest of us) one last chance to come clean, confess their actions and come back to the fold. I am not asking them to be Democrats or liberals; I am asking them to commit themselves to the Constitution and to renounce attempts to "save" the Constitution by subverting it.

Should they reject an offer of this sort (which I see as a benign gesture of national healing), then I would expect President Obama to immediately sign the treaty for the International Criminal Court and instruct ever other signatory to that treaty to issue a warrant for the arrest of GWB et al, should they ever leave US territory.

Perhaps the humiliation of being internally exiled as though they were members of a banana republic dictatorship will inspire them to come in from the cold.

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