Ask Your Congressional Representative to Support the Articles of Impeachment

Please review these Articles of Impeachment and lend them your support.

Regardless of political party affiliation, US Representatives have an obligation to uphold our US Constitution. Indeed - while we have chosen to organize our political preferences into parties - our Constitution says nothing about political parties, either pro or con.

You are surely more aware than I of the Article VI instruction to US Representatives, Senators et al and I would never presume to instruct you on this oath. No, I come to you today - through this missive - to beseech you to review these Articles of Impeachment, guided by not your political party affiliation (which can be changed at a whim), but by your status as a Representative, duty-bound by your own oath to uphold our Constitution.

There can be no greater crime against our Republic than for one of our elected representatives - whatever the reason or rationale - to violate the one document that unites us all as fellow members of this Republic. To know that this crime has happened before - by members of either party and any party - is to know a collective shame that we feel as one united body of citizens. This country - our country - is indeed a unique one across all of the nations of this world. We are not united by a common place of origin or a common native tongue or even a common ethnicity; no, what unites us is our Constitution. For anyone to rend hollow its dictates is to tear our national bonds asunder.

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