How Delusional . . .

 . . . was the roundtable on This Week?

There was the old grey beard, Ted Koppel, insisting that no matter who is elected the situation in the Middle East is so tenuous and that the impact of oil on our economy is so pervasive that it demands a US troop presence in Iraq of 80K to 100K US troops.


Price of oil before US invaded Iraq: $38

Price of oil today, entering the sixth year: $145

Just how has an increased troop presence led to lower oil prices?

Iraq cannot be stabilized with the presence of US troops.  It was the introduction of US troops that destabilized Iraq.  Why is this so hard to see?

Could the US be "stabilized" with the introduction of Canadian troops?

Foreign soldiers are an inherent irritant to any society; we have known this since the Declaration of Independence.

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