Is there a "Dear Abby" for delusional pols?

I am in need of counseling. Well, really it is for a close friend of mine, a pundit.

All pundits actually.

Yesterday, McCain goes on the Today show and says that having an estimate on when our troops will return from Iraq is not important.

Wow, methinks.

And yet my friend - pundit - tells me that Americans will always trust McCain on "national security" issues more than they will Obama, because he has "a lifetime of service" and that his family has "four generations of military service", which means that no matter the size of the dichotomy between McCain's words and the wishes of the American public - that American public will still choose McCain over Obama.

Now - I just picked up my copy of "Why We're Liberals" yesterday, so I have not made it through all of the conclusions, but I do have this question:

How can the American public be both liberal in nature and at the same time seemingly enthralled to a Republican Party divorced from the reality of the ramifications of the "authorization to use military force" in Iraq (oh - and is an AUMF the same as a declaration of war and if so how and why is it different and if not is it even legal?)

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