Is it me, or is it strange to hear . . .

. . . the Speaker of the House of Representatives - second in succession to be President of the United States of America - profess ignorance about just what are the particulars of a bill before her chamber?

"I could argue it either way, not being a lawyer, but nonetheless, I could argue it either way.", so says Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Before I read this statement - and those damning words "not being a lawyer" - I had supreme respect for Speaker Pelosi; that respect is now dissipating by the second.  She is not a lawyer?  She is a legislator for goodness sake!  Not just any ordinary legislator, but the most powerful legislator in the House of Representatives of the United States of America! 

Now, I came of age during the heights of Schoolhouse Rock!, so I have at best a rhyming understanding of how a bill becomes a law, but with that modicum of knowledge, I have learned that the best way to understand a bill is to read it.  And if your goal is to not enable the breaking of a law by the President of the United States of America, then you do not include any words, phrases or sentences that so much as even appear to do so.

Of course, the counter part is true as well; that if you do wish to countenance the breaking of a law by the President of the United States of America, then you include as many words, phrases or sentences to reach that goal as possible.

This bill - as I read it (and I am not a lawyer - contains an entire section with 139 words in one incredibly long sentence with at least 15 phrases (depending upon your sentence diagramming rules) that countenance said breaking of the law by our President.

Why is this bill being proposed now?

It just came to me in the midst of typing this post - and I would need to read the claims to be sure - but is this an end run around the articles of impeachment that Dennis Kucinich has filed?  Is this the Democratic Party leadership conducting an end run around the law, to obviate the fact that Dennis has shamed them for calling out their dereliction to do their Constitutionally directed duties?

Shame on you, Nancy Pelosi.  Shame on you.

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