Let Freedom Ring!

Awesome post - but don't kid yourself. The strain of incredulity that can be found in the modern GOP has roots older than the Republic itself. Remember, we were the first nation founded on the belief of a sub-human species. Pardon me, but I tend to rant and toss things about my home when I watch people - especially Americans - point a finger at the Germans and say silly things like, "we don't want to make their mistakes."


Have you seen our Constitution? Have you heard about this little thing called "the 3/5ths Compromise?" Have you heard of this innocuous Supreme Court decision called "the Dred Scott Case?"

Wake Up! It was not the Germans who made it a capital crime to teach Africans to read!

The very concept of a superior human race was codified in this country, through the creation of a "white race" and a whole host and amalgamations of "lesser races" - embodied most explicitly (and most evilly?) in the "black race." Upon arrival upon these shores (and usually upon making a religious transformation from the Catholic to a Protestant faith), a Frenchman, an Irishman, an Italian and a German suddenly became a Whiteman and entitled to any and all benefits therein. The great thing about going through this transformation - and why so many volunteered to make this crossing, generation after generation - is that at the exact moment of arising from baptism in the stream of Belief in the Eternal Purity of White, one ascended the social ladder to be forever atop the lesser races. You might not have had any more money (although you might!) and you certainly did not have a nicer house (but it could happen!), but the one fact of which you could be certain is that you were forever superior to that darky down the street, you know - the one on the other side of the tracks?

Leave the German people alone. Look to your own history - our own history. Until you - we - wipe away the stain present at the founding of our own Republic, we will never know the fruits of freedom.

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