Here it is . . . BAM!

Back once again here is the rhyme animal, the un-can-able . . .


Have I mentioned lately that I love me some Chuck D? It is entirely possible that we would never have elected a Black President, without the presence of one Public Enemy. Oh sure, Bill Clinton may have thought he put an end to consciousness with his dis directed toward Sistah Souljah (who has had quite a career as an author), but the reality is that it was the cross-pollination (poly-nation?) accomplished by the vanguards of hip-hop that introduced white folks to black folks in ways that 400-years of living and working side-by-side had never before accomplished.

There are many ways to analyze the events of 4 November 2008 and surely one of those lenses is through the eyes of Gen X, those 45 and under denizens of the "we want no part in your foolishness" crowd. I choose to believe that this generation is going to leave our mark on this society in ways too numerous to count. While Boomers looked back at their parents and proclaimed them, "The Greatest Generation", we have been tasked with cleaning up from the excesses of the Boomers and recreating America once again.

Obama talked about, A New Dawn of American Leadership: as we march into 2009, lets get to work making that dawn one of the brightest ever.

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