Wow - I am agreeing with Andrew Sullivan

Not often that I find myself here, so I am going to be more tentative than usual . . .

Damn! Does this post sum up what has happened in this campaign or what?

I have been shocked by the callous disregard shown to black voters by the Clinton campaign. But the simple reality is that they never suspected that Obama could do well with black voters. The campaign supposedly headed by the wife of the first black president, just could not conceive of the notion that Obama would ever be accepted by black voters - remember all of the "is he black enough" comments from 2007? Which surrogate was it who said that "Bill Clinton has slept with more black women that Barack Obama"?

The Clinton's - and their cohort of black supporters (Andrew Young and Bob Johnson most specifically) - were so removed from the feelings of the black voting populace that they were blind to the appeal of Obama. From top to bottom, they exuded nothing but disrespect for the Obama campaign and that literally made black voters curious to learn just who is this guy?

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