The Best Political Team on Television?

I think this is CNN's slogan - I should know it by heart now, it has been beaten so repeatedly into my skull - so I refuse to turn the channel over and listen to them say it one more time.

But if that is going to be their stated definition of themselves - humble as it might be - they may be disappointed if the best their Chief National Correspondent can produce is a rehash of Republican talking points as an example of "analysis". I for one am not surprised that Republicans much prefer to run an election campaign against Rev. Wright - as opposed to Sen. Obama - as Wright falls neatly into their "angry black man" stereotype, you know, the one they want white people to fear.

The only thing better for Republicans is if Obama actually matched that stereotype himself, but they will not let the fact that he does not stop their attempts to portray him as such. After all, they had great success at framing Gore as an elitist (as if the son of a former President was equally an elitist) and they equaled that success at framing a former war hero as quasi un-American (against someone who picked up an assist from his Dad to fill his service in not one but two state National Guard programs - instead of, you know, actually on the front lines); why not return to the formula that has worked so well in the past?

I think I heard a man say once that you can fool some of the people some of the time . . .

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