T-minus 30 and counting . . . .

Today was my off day . . . damn!

Those fools over at the LA Times (has Dean Baquet been gone that long?) have added their voices to the chorus laying the foundation for war with Iran.

Did they learn nothing from the last misguided run up to war? The loopholes in this article are immense:

  • Hezbollah has 24-years of computer records? That sounds like the lead story to me. Why does a trainer of militiamen travel with two decades of employment history?
  • How does the capture of a man from Lebanon - along with two brothers from Iraq - implicate Iran? And how secretive can this Quds force be, if their operatives are taught to travel with such extensive documentation and to spill the beans after a few days of questions (which certainly did not include any torture; the US does not torture)
  • "Not too far from Tehran" - are you kidding me? Am I the only one or does this remind you too of Mr. Rumsfeld's famous announcement that -
    • we know where they [weapons of mass destruction] are. They are in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north, somewhat."
That's it - no more from me today. But when the US sends a cruise missile or two into Iran proper and GWB goes on TV in another sham serious announcement of taking the war to more evil doers, don't say you did not hear it here first.

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