I can see clearly now

Wow - I have never read a post so enlightening.

You state that by definition, one cannot be a messenger for the poor and yet live in an "ginormous" house; and yet live a lavish lifestyle by enjoying an expensive haircut.

Do you know what you have just said?

Who among us does not aspire to the accumulation of enough wealth, such that we might live wherever and however we so desired - even a "ginormous" house, should we so choose. In fact, people used to call that "The American Dream"

You have just said that one cannot obtain "The American Dream" and still profess to care about the poor.

This explains so much about what is wrong with our nation: why so many children are homeless, why so many people cannot get care for their illnesses, why so may go without the education required to live in the 21st century and why so many die so young, so violently.

The American Dream is antithetical to professing honest concern for the poor.

Thank you, it is all so clear to me now.

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