What is the mission of All Panthers Are Black?

What is the mission of All Panthers Are Black?

All Panthers Are Black has some very simple goals, honest goals, with which people of good will anywhere cannot disagree.

1. Freedom to define our own destiny
Seems pretty straight-forward, not much to disagree with here, let's go on to the next one.

2. Full employment
Boy, this one is sure looking good right about now.

3. Retribution for all that was stolen from us
Sounds reasonable, who does not want back that which was taken from them?

4. Decent housing for all
Is this really controversial? What do humans need to live? Food, clothing and - what was that other one?

5. Education
If the above line lists the basics of life, education is surely that which makes life worth living. Who could be against education? Surely not someone reading a web page.

6. Health care
Seems like a pretty obvious one, right? Hard to pursue happiness without being healthy.

7. An end to police brutality
Is anyone really against this? Who is in favor of police brutality? Stand and be counted.

8. An end to wars of aggression
Is anyone still in favor of this? Can we really claim to value human life above all else if we choose to sacrifice life for . . . ?

9. Freedom for all political prisoners
Was not this country founded on this principle? That people should not be imprisoned for their beliefs?

10. Let's just some this up and say, "All of the above"

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