We Have To Be Better

One of the interesting angles to explore from the recent publication of the photos of Iraqis being tortured by Americans, is the fact that so many of the torturers are women. Is this what we thought we were getting by opening military service to women?

I am most interesting in this story from the perspective of an African-American: as we gain more power over our own self-determination, will we use that power to enact the same mistakes that were performed by our enslavers? As a corporate functionary, I have asked this question whenever I gather to hear the stories of those African-Americans who have achieved some degree of success. There is an interesting new book, Black Power, Inc. that asks how their success has changed the corporate world. One would hope that we all could learn from mistakes, from failures and from success, so that we can collectively move the world forward.

Progress, it is not just a verb.

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