The Fist: What Happened To Black Unity and Solidarity?

The Fist: What Happened To Black Unity and Solidarity?

I just posted this as a comment to this entry on another blog; still trying to figure out what that wheel is . . . :

I have wondered about this myself and while I do not have the solution, I believe it lies in with the destruction of the social fabric of our communities as a result of Nixon's "War on Drugs".

That war has cost tens of thousands of lives and sent hundreds of thousands more to prison, to waste away their youth behind bars, only to return as older men who have been scarred for life. Having our communities turned into the open-air drug marts as depicted in the "it's so realistic!" show from HBO, "The Wire" has just destroyed the base from which we could act in a unified manner. Blacks who could left those communities; blacks who stayed had so many things to struggle with and against that enlisting in a larger "struggle" just seemed like more than could possibly be done.

Our government thrives on this divide and conquer model, such that even were this outcome neither planned for nor sought, the natural turning of the wheel brings about this sort of outcome.

We need a new wheel.

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