Give a (candidate) his props

Not sure on what this post The Root is basing it's argument. Too little, too late? Why - because there are still some unrepentant racists who will never vote for Obama?

Did we not know that already - speech or no speech? Barack need not convince every American to vote for him. He is already inspiring a new generation of voters who do not have the time-worn wounds of generations of fighting like the rest of us do. He already has convinced an overwhelming number of African-Americans that he understands our causes and has proved to our satisfaction that he will be an advocate for us. So to these groups, he needs to add enough whites, latinos and asians of all sorts to defeat the Republican candidate - who will be running on a platform of more war and more of the same economic pain that has brought us to where we are today.

Sounds like a winner to me.

This speech was good; good enough to convince anyone of an open-mind that Obama is who he has always said he was. He never had the vote of those with closed minds in the first place.

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