Touchstone Documents

There are many, many places for the source material and inspirational motivation that drive All Panthers Are Black, but two of the most important are a Sunday news magazine, Like It Is, which is shown in the New York City area on ABC 7 at noon and an online weekly webzine Black Commentator.

"Like It Is" has been on the air since 1968 and is an invaluable resource for those interested in the public and political discourse of African-Americans over the last quarter-century. Invaluable as it may be, it has been ill-served by its home network. This is a landmark program and one that would be the centerpiece of any entity with one drop of a progressive spirit.

Black Commentator has a much shorter history - as might be deduced from its internet heritage - but one that shines brightly in the diaspora of Black public opinion. A long time ago, Frederick Douglass called upon those of goodwill to agitate for the end of tyranny; Black Commentator has taken this call as their own and its publishers are striding forth with a clarion call of their own.

Additional places of interest on the internet that everyone should place on their favorites list will be forthcoming.

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